Creating a gauge that shows "green yellow red" based on auto calculated standard deviation

I have created a gouge that shows an average of some count.
That average over time can be anything, from single digits to thousands.

Is it possible to create a gauge that calculates the "average of averages" based on standard deviation of that average, then shows me the current average based on that scale?

Day 1 average = 50
Day 2 average = 500
Day 3 average = 234

If I show the gauge it should show an average of 261 + the number will be in the ~middle~ of the gauge because it's relative to 500.


Unfortunately, no. The only option for gauges today is hardcoded values.

Thank you. Maybe a good feedback/enhancement request to the Kibana PM team.
Can you think of another visual that will show progress towards a calculated goal?


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