Looking for a way to show a "green/yellow/red" type of visual based on range

How did you show green/yellow/red indicators using Kibana or even Vega? seeking ideas.
Even better if the range can be dynamic calculated based on average/max of a field.
For example:
My data is a bunch of numbers. I want green to be 0 to one standard deviation above 0, yellow will be 2 standard deviation below and above the average, and finally red will be anything above yellow.

This came up from a previous question I posted, when I found out gauges are not as "smart" as I hoped and allow only hard-coded ranges (example: 0-100 green, 101-200 yellow, 201-1000 red).

Thank you,

I'm not sure about Vega, and agree our standard guage isn't smart enough. We do have standard deviation calculations available in time series build visualizations, and there is a guage available in that, where I think the values you enter to determine the color is based off the std deviation if that's the calculation you choose. However I'm still not sure if this is smart enough for your needs. Perhaps something to play around with though just to rule out for sure!

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Interesting, thank you. I'll complicate the request a little - my field is a term, not a number. I am counting the average number of documents where this term exists, and the standard deviation is related to this count.
If the gauge shows that count, then green/yellow/red will relate to the count of those documents in my dataset.

Any suggestion?

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