Kibana region map of quality metric

we are trying to realize a region map for a quality metric that has values within the interval [0,1], where 0 means bad, and 1 means optimal. There are two problems we are facing in Kibana:

  • There is no color schema "Red to Green", just the opposite (sure, we could add a derived metric 1-x, but that is suboptimal, since this is really just a visualization problem); let's assume for the moment, we have a "Red to Green" schema

  • The colors are chosen depending on the current value range of the actual data, so if our data contain values from 0.82 to 0.96, then 0.82 will get the color red. But we want it to have the color green, since red should always be reserved for value around 0. I.e., our color schema should refelct a user given data range, like 0=red, ... 1=green, independent of the actual data.

What would be the best and shortest way to do that in Kibana?


cc @thomasneirynck - this looks like an enhancement request...can u please take a look?


Thanks Rashmi.

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