Canvas metric with color gradient

Hi everyone,

I have a metric in Canvas that can have a value from 0 to 100. I would like to have a color gradient from red to green depending on the value, i.e. red if it's 0, green if it's 100 or a shade of red or green depending of the value when it's in between. Is this even possible, if it is, any example or hint on how to do it?

Thank you for any help.


Hey @Mike_CC, I'm not seeing a way to do this presently. The palette would come in handy here, but you can't currently use a palette with a metric. I'd suggest opening up an enhancement request here:

Ok, thanks for your time!

@Mike_CC in general, we're planning to add data driven CSS in the future, although it's a common interest not to rely on CSS styling of elements as underlying chart etc. implementations and their DOM structure may change in future versions, and we try to cover common functionality through exposed properties, not CSS. So as @Brandon_Kobel suggested, it's best to open a feature request.

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