Can I define color range in Object

Hi, im having issues with visualisations and defining colour ranges. Although I can override the colour via the legend in the visualisation adding this into a Canvas ignores the colours I set. It reverts to the default green to red.

Can I define the colours within the object? E.g. add a colour value to each range defined and remove the colorSchema.

"metric": {
  "percentageMode": false,
  "useRanges": false,
  "colorSchema": "Green to Red",
  "metricColorMode": "Labels",
  "colorsRange": [
      "from": 0,
      "to": 9
      "from": 9,
      "to": 16
      "from": 16,
      "to": 18
      "from": 18,
      "to": 21
      "from": 21,
      "to": 24

I see that you are looking for conditional coloring in Canvas. There are few threads which discuss this in detail.See if it helps:

and there is a GH issue as well

Hope it helps

cc @Catherine_Liu

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