Elastic clould price calculator. RAM size?

Hi folks,

i am trying to use the this calculator: https://cloud.elastic.co/pricing and trying to size my cloud cluster and compare it to my current on prem cluster.

I know from the documentation that it is recomended to give elastic java process max heap of 50% total machine memory. And that is also what I have done on prem. I have 3 machines with 32GB RAM each, which means heap is max 16 GB per node * 3 = 48 GB heap.

Based on this fact can anyone answer me following question:

Is the RAM size showed in the calculator the amount of machine memory which my cluster can consume, meaning for nearly same cluster size I need to select roughly 87 GB RAM because I will have total of 43,5 GB of max heap. Is this correct?

Or can I just select that exact number which corresponds to my desired heap size?

Hi @Kosodrom
The RAM shown is the host RAM and the JVM heap will be set to 50% of that so yes your understanding is correct 87GB Host RAM an yes a total of 43.5 GB of JVM Heap

(European to US number format conversion included) :slight_smile:

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