Elastic cluster hardware estimation


We are interestead on using Elasticsearch in our production servers for indexing JBoss logs. My data estimation is about 26Gb/day every month day, except last month day where the data spikes up to 45Gb/day . Our data retantion period will be 10 days. I also estimate that we wont do more than 50 ~ 70 queries per day.

I was thinking a bit about the hardware requirements. The topology will include 3 master nodes with:

16GB of ram
6-8 Core cpu's
350 Gb of HDD

I was thinking that since we wont do many queries and we wont retain data for a long time, data nodes may not be necessary.

I would like to hear your thoughts and advice


Are you going to enable replicas for your cluster?

The disk requirements appear to be fine, since you have a total of 3 master + data nodes, and data will be distributed across these 3 nodes. You have fairly smaller number of queries, so I believe the above hardware should work in your case.

Thank you for your input mjunaidmuzammil. No, my specs so far dont mention any need for replicas.

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