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I have a few queries regarding hardware requirements for elasticsearch in production. First i would like to give some information about my data :-

  • The data will contain around 5000 to 7000 documents.
  • Size of total data in elasticsearch server can take upto 100mb of space.
  • Data is mostly structured, free text search is not an important use-case for me.
I want some suggestions for hardware requirements for this much data :-
  • How much amount of RAM on server is recommended for fast advanced search. (minimum ram with not much reduction in performance)
  • How many minimum number of nodes are recommended without compromising with reliability.


    Hi, just qurious, are you planning to run ES on VMs or bare metal?

    And how many users/queries do you think there will be at any given time?

    My test cluster is running 3 nodes on VMs with 16GB RAM, 4 CPUs and 40GB of vDISK. Getting close to 3,5M documents and 4GB disk usage. Everything is working quite smoothly.

    If it's for production I would definitely go with at least 3 nodes for high availability.

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    @A_B I am planning to run it on VMs.At a time, there can be at max 500 active users. Also data is not so huge as i mentioned earlier. Your data seems big enough. So what will you recommend hardware requirements for me?
    Thanks for your help!

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