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Hi All,
I am preparing for the exam and I am wondering about the answer of this question:
Secure a cluster using Elasticsearch Security
Would the configurations proposed in this tutorial be sufficient?
Or need I to create users/roles and assign roles using Kibana, In addition, for answering to this question?
Many thanks in advance.
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As part of exam objectifs, there 2 points :

  • Secure a cluster using Elasticsearch Security
    That start from here

  • Define role-based access control using Elasticsearch Security
    And this include asking you to define a role and create/assign user to that role ....

Thank you so much.
Sorry for asking again but, concerning the first point, all these staffs have to be done in the context of the exam.
I am meaning all the points have to be handled during the exam or could we just fellow the tuto?
Many thanks in advance.

Can you change the category of this thread into " [Elastic Community and Ecosystem - Elastic Training] to get more responses ...

Thank you so much.
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