Issue securing Elastic Search and Kibana

I'm new to elastic search and having some issues with securing it together with Kibana security. This is what I've done:
1- Secure elasticsearch in the yaml with file realm true
     #File realm
               order: 0

2- Create new user with role using the command line


  run_as: [ '' ]

  cluster: [ 'monitor' ]


       - names: [ 'events-*' ]
         privileges: [ 'read' ]
         grant: ['category', '@timestamp', 'message' ]
         query: '{"match": {"category": "click"}}'
       - names: ['logstash-*']
        - view_index_metadata
        - read
         - names: ['.kibana*'] 
                  - manage
                  - read
                  - index

3- In our application code, I added basic authentication to use the ElasticClient
4- Allow user to login in Kibana by adding security in kibana.yml

Now whenever I run the application, the NEST response i always empty. However without enabling security I always get the response for all previous indexes.
I'm stuck with this. Any help is highly appreciated!

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Basically What I'm trying to do is:

1- Secure Elastic Search with username and password credentials
2- Add basic authentication on ElasticClient in my applications to use these credentials
3- Make Kibana users login with username/password to visualize.

After that I need to still get response from a search(just like before securing it)

Any working advise is very welcomed! Thank you!

I would urge you to read through the documentation. Start with that describes everything and then maybe follow the Getting Started guide at

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