Elastic Defend - impact on application

i deployed Elastic Defend Integration on my endpoints and also on my two DC's.
One of the DC's is hosting go1984 - a video surveilance application i use since many years.
Soon after the Integration had been deployed to the server i found out that some of the 8 cam's failed for a short moment. After about 1 day the application crashed with an error "Cannot call Start on a running or suspended thread".
Seems to be in the contect of TCP connection to the cam's.
After deleting the integration all images came back and the system seems to workfine now again.
I can not see any performance issue on this machine - any idea why Elastic Defend is disturbing the application?
Best wishes

I did som more testing and it seems to me that Elastic Defend is really having an impact on the video surveilance app go1984.
After creating a copy of the agent policy and deploying without elastic defend the application is running fine - as before.
Guess this is more an info but a question so i will mark this as answer.

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