Elastic-hadoop access failing due to SSL check

I am trying to connect to a https ES node through my external table created in hdfs cluster. I connect to this hdfs cluster from my linux server using beeline and created the external table setting the property 'es.net.ssl.truststore.location'
tried placing the .jks keystore file in a hdfs path and used this path against this property and it throws the error "org.elasticsearch.hadoop.EsHadoopIllegalArgumentException: Expected to find keystore file at "
tried placing the file on a the local server from where i connect to the hive and set that path as 'file:///' and that fails too
i see posts about placing the jks file in classpath , can you please confirm where exactly this needs to be placed

It's hard to tell exactly what's wrong from what you describe, but you have seen this? Security | Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop [8.6] | Elastic

This can be done by placing it on each node’s local file system, or by adding the keystore to the job’s classpath.

Do you have it accessible at the same location on each node? Or are you attempting to put it in your classpath?

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