ES-Hadoop Hive Integration with TLS/SSL Security


I have set-up a cluster with 3 master, 4 DI nodes. Also I have enabled TLS/SSL with self signed CA. The .p12 files I have generated for elasticsearch nodes are IP based.

Now I am trying to connect to ES cluster using ES-hadoop connectors. What all set-up required for .p12 for nodes on my hadoop cluster? Should they be IP based or generic one should work fine? How I register it on hadoop nodes into keystore truststore?

Any link to a documentation to configure these?


I have a node.p12 file which I have added using ADD FILE hdfs:///tmp/node.p12 in hive.

When I do a list, it shows this file added to distributed cache on the cluster. However I am still getting error when I try to insert records into the hive table.

org.elasticsearch.hadoop.EsHadoopIllegalArgumentException: Expected to find keystore file at [node.p12] but was unable to. Make sure that it is available on the classpath, of if not, that you have specified a valid file URI.

Below properties are used in Hive table DDL:


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