Elastic index mapping changing my date month value

Hi guys,

I created an other topic (Kibana ins't displaying correct dates) but i got no response since a long I'm a bit hurry on my project and I realized that my problem didnt come from kibana but from my index mapping in elastic.

Here is my problem, when I try to put a date format on my date fields in my index, my dates value become incorrect in Kibana. I tried to remove date format from the mapping and only keep " type : 'date' ", but elastic return me an error.
When I try to remove the mapping of date fields i see the good date value in Kibana but I need to turn those field in date type for my future visualizations.

Does someone knows if it's possible to only specify the date type without date format or why my mapping is changing my date value.

Here is my mapping :

Here is my data in elastic :

Here is my data in kibana :

and my Kibana date settings :


Someone give me the solution there, if someone is interested -> Kibana ins't displaying correct dates

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