Elastic Java Client: Problem with GeoPointProperty - unknown field 'index'

according the Documentation I can use the parameter index for the field-type geo_point.
I use the Java-Client in Version 8.3.3 and a mapping like this (only a snippet):

"location": {
  "type": "geo_point",
  "index": false

But the result is the following exception:

co.elastic.clients.json.JsonpMappingException: Error deserializing
co.elastic.clients.elasticsearch._types.mapping.GeoPointProperty: Unknown field 'index'

However, when I look at the class GeoPointProperty, I don't see an index field either (I looked also in the source-code). It seems to me that this field has been forgotten. Does anyone have an idea? This looks like a bug to me.

Yeah. I'd open an issue for this. cc @swallez

Thanks for sharing it.

Ok, I will open a ticket. Thx!
You can find it here: Issue-394

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