Elastic keeps creating indices with replica:1

I have an cloud Elastic cluster with 1 hot node and 1 cold node. Because of this, I limited my replica to 0 when an index has been created. I have done this trough a index template with a high prioritity (99999), with the following settings.

  "index": {
    "number_of_shards": "1",
    "number_of_replicas": "0"

However, everytime I clean up the indices with replica: 1, everyday new indices are being created with a replica: 1. How can I prevent this?

I also get this warning in Elastic search:

Searches might be slower than usual. Fewer redundant copies of the data exist on 45 indices [.ds-traces-apm-default-2023.02.12-000357, .ds-traces-apm-default-2023.02.13-000360, .ds-traces-apm-default-2023.02.13-000361, .ds-filebeat-8.3.2-2023.02.11-000231, .ds-filebeat-8.3.2-2023.02.12-000232, .ds-logs-elastic_agent-default-2023.02.12-000047, .ds-logs-elastic_agent-default-2023.02.13-000048, .ds-logs-elastic_agent.filebeat-default-2023.02.12-000015, .ds-logs-elastic_agent.filebeat-default-2023.02.13-000016, .ds-logs-elastic_agent.metricbeat-default-2023.02.10-000005, ...].

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I would be looking to see if you have a template that matches that index pattern that has a different replica number sent, as a specific template will take priority over a generalised one, even one with a higher priority.

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I have looked into this, but can't seem to find another index template that has a better match than this. For example, this index won't rollover:

And this is my index template overview:

what strikes me is that this only happens with .ds indexes. The other ones rollover fine from hot to cold.

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