Elastic / Logstash Paralelism


i m trying to undestand how does parallelism works in ES ...
Searched around and read several itens about it but cant find the right answer to my question.
I find myself , probably, missing some concept or confiuration...

She scenario is straight forward - ES with LogStash working to read around 20 files from several IIS installed in my infra-structure.
It works well and it load all information into ES.

Since those files are gigs in size, it takes a while loading all info into ES. But when i refresh the graphics showing, for example, total hits, it slowing builds one graph at a time. I m hitting the refresh button and i see the info in one graph increasing , and only after it ends, it goes to the next graph. Like its loading info in sequential order.
I was expcting to see several graphs showing new date at the same time and not one at a time.
Used pipeline with multiple workers ,but didnt change the beahviour and tryed the -w option in logstash and had no effect also.

Now i m confused beetween read parallelism and bulk paralllelism ... :confused:

What am i missing here.... ?

( Windows 2012 with ES 7.4 with LS 7.4 also )

Thks in advance.

ok..so after re-reading several times the docs and trying some stuff, managed to have all graphs been updated at the same when i refresh the entire dashboard ...

To do tat i had to put 20 input files in the logstash configuration ... .... ...

Is there a way to avoid to do this, ( have 20 input filters) , and make the input behave multithreding ?

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