Elastic Maps: show text instead of circles?

I am using the elastic maps service to visualize status of HW devices around the US. Each location has a 4 character identifier for its location. Instead of a static icon like a circle (or as well as), is it possible to put this text, which would come from a field, on the map, such as "WXYZ"? I know I can configure this to appear on hover, but need it to be always visible for all points on the map. Or any other way using the other mapping visualisations? Thanks!

Hi Richard,

I'm afraid that neither current visualizations nor Kibana Maps support feature labeling. It would be great if you can capture your requirements in a Github issue at our tracker.

Ah OK, thanks. I have raised a feature request #52607. In the meatime, think I'll explore trying to create a custom base map with the IDs on it, though not sure how possible that is either.

Great @richardchin, much appreciated to continue the discussion on github. Even not being in our short term roadmap this is definitely a feature that would be really nice to have.

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