Elastic Migration from 1.x to 6.8

In our existing project which uses Elastic Migration 1.x version, we use nested parent child relation between different types in a single index and we did use has_child and has_parent in conjunction to fetch the data in required format for the application. Each type have an incoherent properties there is no similarities between them. Now we had to migrate data to 6.8 version which restrict us to have more than one type in an index. Please suggest which one will be the best approach
a) Migrating all types to single type in an index? - this one requires minimal change in application
b) Migrating each type to different index? - this one requires heavy change in design from application end?
c) Is there any alternative way to make it easier and efficient way to overcome this issue?

As long as you do not have conflicting mappings (has been made stricter since ES 1.x) I would recommend option a).

Thanks for your Reply! I have come across a below point,
storing different entities that have few or no fields in common in the same index leads to sparse data and interferes with Lucene’s ability to compress documents efficiently.
Should we consider this one?

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