ES7 - how to model 1-n parent-child relations - different ES types


I am migrating an old ES instance to ES7. We need 1-n parent-child relations.

We used to have multiple types in the same index and it was easy. Some types were related to their parent via _parent .

But ES7 will only allow single-type indices. Which makes me think I will convert the old types to separate indices.

I read the docs and they suggest using join for parent-child relations, however those seem to apply only to documents belonging to a single index.

So if I convert my previous types to separate indices, in my understanding join will not help.

So what is the right solution to model parent-child relation between different types (or should I say indices) in ES7?

Or maybe I should not model my data as separate types/indices in ES7. But in that case, how to solve this?


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