Will removing types in 7.x allow n-n relation between documents?

I read a post about the upcoming changes in elasictsearch, which says the types will be removed from 7.x. And the 'parent' field will be replaced by 'join'.

Current versions of elasticsearch is not allowing multiple parent for a child. Now when 'parent' concept is replaced by 'join', will that support N-N relationship between documents?

Have a read of https://www.elastic.co/blog/index-type-parent-child-join-now-future-in-elasticsearch

Thanks Mark for the quick reply.

But I read this post earlier and I am confused :slight_smile:

I understand that types will be removed and parent will be replaced by joins.

I just want to know whether the new join field will support N-N relationship?

It will support the same as what parent/child supports. It won't support many parents for a child for eg.

Thank you, Mark

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