Elastic not indexing any more filebeat data but metricbeat data after a Full filesystem

I encountered a filesystem full on one of my nodes that caused a cluster stop.

I solved the disk space problem by deleting a too big metricbeat index and restarted the cluster.
I used the following method (as usual)

"read_only_allow_delete" : "false"

to allow the existing indexes to write new data.
But I don't see any of the filebeat indexes to write new data...

What should I check or do in order to solve this ?

Indexes structure :
Filebeat logs ==> index "log_prd-000xx" / index "log_hp-000xx" ==> KO
Filebeat stats ==> index "stat_prd-000xx" / index "stat_hp-000xx" ==> KO
Metricbeat ==> index "metricbeat-7.2" ==> OK

How did you delete the index?

Through Kibana > Index management

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