How to store index in elasticsearch if disk space is full on server

Hi team,

I want to store disk space related data in to elastic index through Metricbeat.
kindly guide me how to achieve this?


Below is my metricbeat.yml file

================== Modules configuration ============================

path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
reload.enabled: false
module: system
period: 30s
metricsets: ["filesystem"]

But still metricbeat not sending filesystem data into elastic index.

is there anything m missing...kindly guide me.

Hey @aniketdatir,

It seems that the format of your configuration file is not correct, I guess that this is a problem when pasting to the forum. When pasting configuration, please try to use the </> button to enclose the code.

Do you have the module: system configuration in the metricbeat.yml file? Modules configuraton should be in the modules.d/*.yml files. Do you have a system.yml file there?

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