Elastic Observability Certification Question

Hi all,
I've just finished the Observability Course and I'll start to prepare the certification.
Reviewing the exam objectives there is one it is not clear to me


  1. Configure and run Metricbeat to collect metrics from an operating system
  2. Configure and run Metricbeat to collect metrics from a running service
  3. Enable and configure a Metricbeat module to collect the metrics of a specific service
  4. Use the Metrics app in Kibana to analyze and answer questions about metrics collected in Elasticsearch

1,3 and 4 completely clear, but in 2 I'm not sure what we need to achieve.
Maybe it refers to the service dataset in the system module?
Probably I'm missing something...
Thanks a lot

Hi @Anabella_Cristaldi
While (1) is about collecting host metrics (via system module) (2) is about collecting metrics from a service (such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc). So you would need to identify the module needed, enable and configure that module, and so forth. It's the same you did in the labs of the course.

Let me know if that answered your question


BTW: the survey emails I was talking about seem to have been temporarily suspended due to some issues. So you can except to receive that email a bit later than usual.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your prompt reply..
I still don't see the difference between 2 and 3. If I need to collect metrics for an specific service (apache, mysql, etc) I always need to use a module, so 2 and 3 for me is kind of the same..

Am I correct?
Thank you again!

Ah good catch - apologies, in my answer I just focused on (2). Yeah it seems that (2) and (3) are pretty much about the same thing. I would say it's definitely nothing to worry about - it may be just a small glitch which made it into description itself.

Inviting @raposa to comment on this, in case there is something I might have missed and to make him aware of the current wording.

Cheers, Daniel

Thank you Daniel!
I promise not to torture you more with my questions (for today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
It was a great training! Thank you very much!
Cheers, Anna

Not a glitch - but agree it might seem confusing.

  1. monitor the OS (which is the default behavior when you start Metricbeat out-of-the-box
  2. monitor a specific service/process
  3. similar to 2), except you use one of the preconfigured modules and "enable" it

Hope that helps!

Hi @Rich_Raposa
It still not clear to me... I went through all the metricbeat.reference.yml file in order to see If I was missing some options for generic service monitoring (without using modules) and I was not able to find it. Also reviewed the slides from the course...
I'm just mapping the Exam Objectives into the documentation and for this one I'm not able to find a match...
Thank you!

You are correct - we do not discuss this in the course, and it is not on the exam. I have removed that objective from the website. Thank you for pointing this out - much appreciated!

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