Elastic on Azure App Service / Google App Engine?

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I have been working on the ELK stack locally on my dev laptop for a while
and now would like to build a real world application.
I am looking at hosting my app on Azure / Google App Engine
I was reading the Elastic hardware requirement at it mentions 64GB RAM being the sweet spot.
However I am just planning to build a experimental app for my own academic interest.

My question here is can I install a single elastic node on either Azure / Google App Engine and have the
client also running on the same machine ?
I am looking to store about 30,000-40,000 records and build a simple search UI to query the elastic indices.
There are a tabular data which I have converted to json documents.


(Russ Cam) #2

You can install a single node Elasticsearch instance, no problem. If you need fault tolerance and high availability, you may consider running with a cluster of nodes, recommended minimum of 3 to avoid split brain scenarios.

If you're looking to spin up a cluster on Azure, take a look at the Elastic ARM template offering available in both the Azure Marketplace and deployable from the Github repository. With the template, you can easily spin up a single node Elasticsearch cluster.

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thanks for the reply,
I know this might be rudimentary but for my experimental can I have master and slave nodes on the same server ?

(Russ Cam) #4

The Azure ARM template only deploys a single Elasticsearch node per Virtual Machine, but a single node can have all the roles of master, data and ingest node. If you'd like to run multiple Elasticsearch nodes on a single machine, then using the ARM template as a starting point may be helpful.

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