Hardware Question

I going to deploy on Azure and I have only 150$ per month (no single dollar more). I planning to deploy production deployment, at this moment with fairly light workload.

I reviewed Azure Virtual Machines, and there are only two viable options fitting my budget. I would like to get your opinion what is be the best choice for Elasticsearch.

Here are the options:

3 machines of --> 1CPU, 2GB memory


single machine of --> 2CPU, 16GB memory

Obviously for high availability first option is better. What about performance? Which is expected to fit better?

What are you going to run on the machines? Only elasticsearch or will you run also logstash and kibana?

In this case with a tight budget I would use a single machine, also, are you counting with the storage price?

The Azure machines, at least the Linux ones, comes with 30 GB for the system and another disk mounted for temporary data, which is not recommended to production use.

It depends on your dataset. Like if you have less than 1m small documents without lot of users, the 1st should be enough.

BTW I would encourage you looking at cloud.elastic.co.

You can have 2 data nodes (+ 1 free master only node included) with 2gb RAM (48gb of disk) for "only" 134$ per month, with X-Pack (security), Kibana included and managed by elastic!


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