Help to choose hardware

Hello guys !

I work for a company who used elastic search to serve data to customers. I would like to get help in choosing our elastic search configuration.

Our case :

  • We use elastic version 1.5 and no shard.
  • We have 150 K documents and 2 index (150K on each)
  • at 00 minutes we delete and bulk insert with buckets of 2000 documents in the second index and then when it is ready we switch to it.
  • at 30 minutes we do the same thing on the first index.

So our data is refreshed every 30 minutes.

  • 5 minutes per hour an external service call our elastic so much time per minutes ( 20K/minutes)

  • Finally we have normal user requests, we will say 200 requests per minute.

  • We are planned to use 3 master node.

You think it's better to have more cpu or more ram for data nodes ?

We have the choose between 4 virtual machine with 2 cpu and 16go ram or 4 virtual machine with 4cpu and 8go ram. What is the best solution for you ?

Second question, its the same thing if we use 2 virtual machine with 4cpu and 16 go ram or if we use 4 virtual machine with 2 cpu and 8go ram ?

Thank you so much and have a nice day !


As you have a small dataset I believe that 8gb should be ok.

But I'd not use a 1.5 version.

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