Elastic Stack Pricing on Azure


Could you please tell me how the pricing model works on azure?

I want to deploy an Elasticsearch machine on azure but I have no idea what the price is.


Thank you!

I believe that you have to pay Azure depending on the instance you are using.
And if you want to buy xpack, you can ask for a quote from elastic.

If you are looking on the hosted service (where elastic manages Elasticsearch, Kibana for you and which includes xpack), then you need to wait a bit before it appears on cloud.elastic.co.

I guess the price will be similar to the existing prices on AWS and GCP...

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I see. So I will basically pay according to the server I choose (memory, processor, etc.).

Thanks for helping out!

@Bartho_Bernsmann The Azure ARM template available in the Marketplace is able to deploy an Elasticsearch cluster of any size* (limited by subscription core quota, and capped at 50 data nodes within the Marketplace), along with an optional instance of Kibana and an optional Jumpbox VM to be able to ssh into the Elasticsearch node VMs. The ARM template that the Marketplace offering uses is open source and available on GitHub.

In terms of the cost of deploying from the Marketplace, it will vary depending on the cluster topology that you decide to deploy and the VM SKUs that you choose for each of the VMs within the cluster. The cost will also vary depending on which Azure region you decide to deploy to. Because there are a number of variables involved, a cost needs to be calculated. In summary however, you will pay for all Azure resources deployed by the template. The Azure Pricing Calculator can help in providing a good estimate

With the default Marketplace configuration, the following resources are deployed:

  • 1 Virtual Network with subnet
  • 2 Storage accounts for the VM disks
  • 3 Data nodes, Standard DS1 v2 SKU running Ubuntu 16.04 with 3 NICs to connect to the Virtual Network
  • Each Data node will have 2 Premium 1023GB disks attached in RAID 0 array
  • 3 Master nodes, Standard D1 SKU running Ubuntu 16.04 with 3 NICs to connect to the Virtual Network
  • 2 Availability sets, 1 for Data nodes and 1 for Master nodes.
  • 1 Kibana instance, Standard D1 SKU running Ubuntu 16.04 with 1 NIC to connect to the Virtual Network
  • 1 Public IP address and Network Security Group for Kibana
  • 1 internal Load Balancer

A 30 day trial license of Elastic's X-Pack commercial plugins is also installed. The X-Pack plugins are proprietary software developed by Elastic that are available under a commercial license subscription, and extend the stack with features such as Security, Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting, Graph and Machine Learning capabilities.

There are a number of subscription tiers offered with different license levels providing access to different X-Pack features.

I hope that this information helps. The Azure Marketplace limits the amount of text that can be supplied with the Marketplace offering, so we've tried to include as much information as possible. The best way to experience it however is to take it for a spin :slight_smile:

I would also recommend checking out the blog posts that we have about the ARM template:


Thank you very much for taking the time!

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