Elastic pricing and more than one node


This is probably a basic question and perhaps I’ve overlooked some obvious guidance here but here goes anyway...

On the elastic.co pricing in order to get a second node (or simply more than a single node) the first machine has to be more than 64 GB (when hosted at GCP).

We don’t need machines that big, we would like to have nodes of 16gb or perhaps 32gb.

Anything bigger is simply way to large for our needs....

So the question is how do we configure things to get more than one node with wasting/spending a ton of money?

As we understand it having more than one node is more or less a standard setup...



Hi @KarlKnarls the welcome to the community and thanks for trying Elastic Cloud.

Try "stripe" across zones. I know we communicate this as HA but you can put 1 x 16GB in 2 or 3 zones and you should get the desired behavior.

There are some subtleties about long-running connections sticking to the node in the zone of the connection, but if you have more short-lived connections it should work pretty much as you would expect.

Also the number of shards and replicas can have some effects

Give it a try see if it meets your needs.

It's possible in the future we may have the option but today we do not.

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