Elastic SaaS on Azure - Securing data and communication

One of my client is planning to use Elastic SaaS Solution from Elastic on Azure (native Elasticsearch) for document search. It will be storing very sensitive data. So the question is how "secure" an Elastic SaaS solution is. Will it be deployed inside the client's AZure Tenant - if not, how is the communication between Clients Azure Tenant and Elastic SaaS Deployment secured. I had something in mind that the is a kind of "private" VPN CHannel.

Any Iormation about Elastic SaaS Deployment on Azure is welcome

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Your cluster would run in Elastic's infrastructure but the nodes are isolated from those of other clusters. By default all communication is fully secured both within the cluster and between your cluster and the rest of the world. I believe there are plans to support Azure Private Link in the future too - if you want to know more about that then I suggest speaking to the account folks at https://www.elastic.co/contact.

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