Elastic search 2.3.2 set Domain name with Https

Hi Team,
We are using Elastic search 2.3.2 version. We plan to configure SSL for elastic search URL instead of HTTP to HTTPS as well mention in subDomain also password protect.

We have installed Elastic search in Windows machine.

Could you please share steps to achieve this in windows machine, Since it's in version 2.3.1

Manikandan Selvaraj.

With such an old and unsupported version I suspect the only way to secure it may be via a reverse proxy. I would recommend that you upgrade.

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist,

UnSupported means, which feature not support for this version - either password protection or Https configuration

There is no built in security in that version, which is why I suggested a reverse proxy. Elasticsearch 2.x is very old and has been EOL quite a while.


Reverse proxy - You said like redirection?

I have seen users use nginx as a reverse proxy and route http traffic through this. That is outside Elasticsearch though.

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