HTTPS support to Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch queries are not getting executed using https. Please suggest configuration to be done to make elastic search work with https.

Elastic has a product that does that and has lots of other fancy security features. I'm sure it is possible to reverse proxy with nginx or stunnel or your favorite thing. It isn't the same thing, but it is something.

Currently the relastic search request send from custom UI to Elastic search was working fine with http. But during deployment in the development environment the request are by default send as https.

So did you mean with out shield the https queries would not work . Getting the following error for the query.



" elasticsearch.js:53072:5
ERROR: 2016-07-28T14:55:30Z

I've found the following link does it work. I tried to make the changes mentioned by adding user and password in the host url but doen't work.

var client = new elasticsearch.Client({
host: ''