Elastic Search Auto completion return only the first match prefix in completion suggest field input

I tried to use the completion suggester feature of elastic but when i fill the suggest input field with words with the same prefix it return only one of them.

for example a sample of my document suggest field

"msSuggest": { "input": [ "Hair", "Hair loss treatment", "الشعر", "علاج تساقط الشعر"] }

when i write h >>>>>>result if Hair only
when i write hair l >>>>>>>result is Hair loss treatment

so not both returned when i input h

The suggest query (Nest)

var response = await _elasticSearchClient.SearchAsync(s => s
.Index(new { indexName })
.Source(x => x.Includes(g => g.Fields(f => f.HgroupsAR, f => f.HgroupsEN, f => f.Suggest)))
//.Query(q => q.QueryString(qq => qq.Query("suggest:horm")))
.Suggest(su => su
.Completion("hgs", cs => cs
.Field(f => f.msSuggest)

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