Elastic Search Benchmarks

Is there a document about benchmarks from elastic search -as in these many nodes for these many queries ? optimal shard size ? optimal node allocation ?

I know "it depends" kind of answer for these questions - but any approximation about the benchmarks will be sufficient

How would you use these benchmarks? It is always hard to draw any conclusions from benchmarks as your use case, data and hardware will be different. This is why it is always recommended that you benchmark with realistic scenarios.

Elastic do however publish the results of nightly benchmarks based on Rally used to spot performance regressions so this may be a good place to start.

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Right , as I said before "it always depends" . However, any "approximate" bench marks (or nothing at all ?) about optimal shard size , number of master nodes etc ..

Ideal number of master nodes is 3, but that does generally not affect performance. Shard size depends on data and queries. As you have not provided any details about your use case it is hard to give recommendations.

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