Elastic search book recommendation 2020


I do use the online documentation for reference. At the same time, I would like to read book(s) which help understand Elastic Search (not LK) in-depth. Hope the book would cover following areas in-depth

  • indexes
  • clustering
  • running at scale
  • administration

I came across following books.

  1. Advanced Elasticsearch 7.0, 2019, ES7, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Advanced-Elasticsearch-7-0-practical-distributed/dp/1789957753
  2. Learning Elasticsearch, 2017, ES 5, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Learning-Elasticsearch-Structured-unstructured-distributed/dp/1787128458
  3. Elasticsearch: Definitive Guide, 2015, https://www.amazon.in/Elasticsearch-Clinton-Gormley/dp/9352132149/
  4. Mastering Elasticsearch - Second Edition, 2015, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastering-Elasticsearch-Second-Rafal-Kuc/dp/1783553790/

I see above books (1, 2) have few good reviews. Few books from 2015 (3, 4) have more good reviews, but they cover older version of Elastic search. Can fellow members including ES maintainers please suggest whether the older books are still a good read where most concepts would be still relevant? Please recommend if you know of a good book that is not in the list and is relevant even today (2020).



so my view on this is highly biased and I have not read most recent books. I still encourage the definitive guide (free to read on elastic.co) just because it covers so much basics like distributed systems, search and also fundamentals like what needs to be done to implement a good search independent from the implementation.

That in combination with the reference docs is usually my go-to option.


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thank you Alexander

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