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Hey people,

Just started using Elasticsearch for my personal use. So, last night I picked one of the tool from Elastic stack and started reading about it. I came across to this book named "Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide" but it seems like they are using an older version, somewhere around 1.x or little later ones, Although ES just released version 7.x
It's not like the book is outdated, the theory part is good and nicely explained but I want some updated resources.
Does anyone here knows about any books or whatever resource related to ES for beginners.

thank you.

There are a number of great resources.

The Definitive Guide is a excellent read for the concept but is out if date with respect to many of the APIs and Specific details.

General learning Section

These video and webinars are very good place to start

There is also free training

And of course our famous blogs ... Just search for the topic

And of course the is paid training/ certification as well.

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Thanks stephen, Liked the resources you mentioned in your comment.
I've registered myself for an upcoming webinar, and also enrolled for a basic ES course.

Let's hope for the everything bright. Kudos

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