Elastic-search Cluster resizing


I have a 6 node cluster running in two different servers. I have made some changes in rackid .

cluster.routing.allocation.awareness.attributes: rack_id = Some rackid

About rackid

I want to restructure the cluster to 3 nodes. Is there any possibility that I can take backup {snapshot } of current data, which is 6 node cluster and try to import that in 3 node cluster.

Note: The data in the 6 node cluster is some where around 1TB.
Is it possible to get the data backup or i have to forget about the data if consider changing my cluster design form 6 Node to 3 Nodes.

Thanks :tiger:

As long as the data still fits and you stay with the same version (or higher) that should not be a problem at all. Elasticsearch does assume all nodes are equal, so if you end up having 2 nodes on one host and one other the other this could cause an imbalance.

Thanks for your reply @Christian_Dahlqvist. I think is must start with the snapshot first.
Regards :tiger:

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