Elastic Search for Frequent Location Updates

Hi Team,
We are planning to build a calendar application with Location-based Search Capabilities. We want to store the user availability and the geolocation.

            User:  "foo"
            day: "Jan-19-2022"
            availability: {09:00 to 10:00}
            location: {lat, long},
            User:  "foo"
            day: "Jan-19-2022"
            availability: {11:00 to 12:00}
            location: {lat, long}


However, we will display the results based on availability and location once the user has selected the desired day and location from UI/APIs. We need to remove his availability from the Elasticsearch. The rate of updates will be 500 transactions per second. Right now we are leveraging SQL. By moving to Elastic Search, what challenges might we encounter? We are clear that Elastic search is a good product for Search (Read heavy). Does it also support frequent updates? It will be great if you can share your thoughts on this approach. We are looking for both Ready & Write Heavy

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