Elastic search & hadoop for analytics

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I'm thinking to use Elastic search and Hadoop as a combination for
analytics. I know Elastic search has got some good stuff integrated with
Hadoop which is great news.
I have some questions on that -

  1. Is using Elastic search - Hadoop Integrated apis Free to use or is it
  2. Does that mean i need hadoop installation as well, is that free or
  3. Where is the actual data stored In Elastic search or In hadoop or In
  4. Where is the latest data, like if an App writes data to which data store
    it goes first, and to which data store it goes second OR is it something
    handled by ES-Hadoop api to replicate data from ES to Hadoop or vice versa?
  5. Any request for search, does it go to ES or goes to Hadoop?
  6. From architecture point i'm not sure on how the ES & Hadoop work
    together from Data Read and Write aspect, any use case scenario would be

Thanks in advance for answering.


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