Elastic Search / ILM / Snapshots S3/Minio

I have been asked to do a POC to see how to properly configure our systems so that ILM will before it deletes an indice will take a snapshot of the indice and store it into S3/Minio. I have successfully updated the cluster with the s3 settings/access/secret keys and created the repo locally.

My question is how would I best go about configuring so that ILM will create a new snapshot (per indice) with the indice name/date, and then ensure it was snapshotted before trying to delete the indice. We want to ensure each indice has it's own snapshot so we can just easily restore that indice only as our different indicies will have different retention periods.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

I think you need to read doc about SLM. Create a snapshot | Elasticsearch Guide [8.8] | Elastic

Hope this helps

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