Elastic Search - Partial Update to around 30 million records in Elastic search index

Hi, I need to update some of the attributes of the document daily for around 30m records. Can you please suggest a suitable way to do it.

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Please share more information on what you are trying to do, there's not a lot of context here for us to assist you.

We are storing the books data into the Elasticsearch, the count for which is like 500 million. There are certain book attributes like book popularity rank which is generated using some ML algorithm and it needs to be updated to the books in the Elasticsearch daily (for like 10million books). This is kind of a partial update that we want to do into the existing book records. I wanted to check if there is a recommended way to perform the partial update within the limited time frame.

Using _bulk would be the best. You might want to make sure you are using SSDs for storage to improve the time it takes to do this as well.

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