Elastic search practice exam reconnect to the lab

I am trying to take a practice exam for Elasticsearch.
I set it up a week ago and want to resume thru strigo.
It is saying "your lab is reconnecting" over 30 minutes but still can't get in.
Can some one help?


Lab reconnection took more than 33 min but still hanging there.

I need to shut down the screen. It is forever.

Hi Kimberly,
Thank you for reaching out. That is not the expected behavior and we apologize for the inconvenience.
If you could please send us an email to training@elastic.co we will look into this issue right the way. Please let us know which practice exam you are attempting to connect to expedite the process.

Best, Rocio


Thanks for your quick response.

Here is my link:


I closed the screen after waiting for more than 30 min to reconnect to the lab yesterday. Then I just logged in. it allowed me to continue but my lab time only left 3:xx.


It is very weird. I just logged in to do the practice test. My time has been left 3”45.

Is’n it we have 5 hours to practice?

Can you resume it to 5 hours?

My link is https://app.strigo.io/training/ondemand/ya3K6g4hLQfDGZu2Y



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