Elastic Search - Query multiple indices

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Hi! I have data stored in 3 indices that I want to query, but these indices
have different fields. If I try it like this:

curl -X GET 'http://host:9200/myindex1,myindex2,myindex3/_search?pretty' -d
"facets":{"facet1":{"terms":{"field":"text_content", "size":100}}}}'

the results returned by ElasticSearch refer only to the first index, namely
myindex1. Another issue is that I really need to filter these results by
due_date, but only myIndex1 contains this field. The text_content field can
also vary per index, i.e that in myindex2 and myindex3 it has got a
different name.

How can I achieve my purpose using ElasticSearch? Many thanks!

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