Search query to return data from multiple types of same index


I have data in three different types of same index.
Say type data1 has
{ "city" : "BELCHERTOWN",
"city" : "BLANDFORD",
"city" : "BRIMFIELD" }
data2 has
"city" : "BELCHERTOWN",
"city" : "BLANDFORD",
"city" : "BRIMFIELD"
data3 has
"city7" : "CHESTER",
"city8" : "CHESTERFIELD",
"city9" : "CHICOPEE"

So if i search for BRIMFIELD
"query": {
"query_string": {
"query": "BRIMFIELD"
it returns all the three cities from data 2 but is it possible to return cities from all other two types as well?

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First a side note, please avoid using multiple types as this will be deprecated in version 6
Which endpoint are you using?

GET /indicename/_search endpoint will run query on all types of the index.

And if you have 3 indices so each index has one type, you can define an alias ( for those 3 indices or you could use wildcard instead GET /partofindexname*/_search

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