Elastic Search Repository possibility to get more than 10000 results


I am using ElasticSearchRepository and fetching search results  using SearchQuery.
like below :-

Employee class represents documents of Employee index in ElasticSearch and EmployeeRepository is elasticsearch repository w.r.t Employee index.

NativeSearchQueryBuilder queryBuilder = new NativeSearchQueryBuilder().withPageable(PageRequest.of(0,10));
NativeSearchQuery searchQuery = queryBuilder.withQuery(QueryBuilders.match("dept","biology"));

Page<Employee> employeeResults = employeeRepository.search(searchQuery);

// I am trying to fetch only top 10 records as per pageRequest. But at the same time wanted to know what is the total count matching my criteria
count = employeeResults .getTotalElements();

Employees matching department biology are more than 10k. I always end up with 10k results.

Can I get total count even if it is more than 10k using elasticSearchRepository ?

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About your question, I don't know how you can solve it with Spring Data which I guess you are using. But here is how you can do it with the Rest Client:

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