Elastic search representing value as key while creating the index using river

Hi All,

I have a scenario like following.

i have field in database table called "tempprop1" it contains value like
"frontwheels : 50" etc .. like following.


tempprop1 tempprop2

frontwheels : 50 backwheels: 20
headgear : 2 gear type : 2

         When i index the data using river straight forward query it is 

indexing as follows.
tempprop1 : frontwheels : 50 ,
tempprop2 : backwheels: 20.

            but for our index search convenience we want to index the 

value (frontwheels : 50) for tempprop1 field like following

frontwheels : 50
backwheels : 20

    it needs to be index with value. now my question can we achieve 

this scenarios using river query (like bracket notation) to elastic search
index .please suggest me how to handle this index creation using above
please help me in this.



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