Elastic search service is failing after installing the latest version 5.3.0

(Joel Hashman) #1

I'm having the same issue that others have reported on Windows. After I install the elasticsearch-service-x64 service using "elasticsearch-service.bat install" and then start the service it will start and then stop. The error below is what is in the logs. Running elasticsearch.bat manually gets elasticsearch up and running but getting the service running would be wonderful.

2017-04.16 10:44:28 Commons Daemon procrun stdout initialized
starts elasticsearch

Option Description

-E Configure a setting
-V, --version Prints elasticsearch version information and exits
-d, --daemonize Starts Elasticsearch in the background
-h, --help show help
-p, --pidfile Creates a pid file in the specified path on start
-q, --quiet Turns off standard ouput/error streams logging in console
-s, --silent show minimal output
-v, --verbose show verbose output
ERROR: Positional arguments not allowed, found [start]

(Jimmy Kuang) #2

Can you provide the full command you're running and include the verbose output

(system) #3

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