Windows Service startup error


We are using Elasticsearch on Windows and I'm struggling to upgrade to 5.1.1. We've scriptet everything and for Elasticsearch we are using the Elasticsearch-service.bat to install the windows service (we just use the install paramater). However, as soon as it is installed, we get the following error, when the script tries to start the service.

ERROR: Positional arguments not allowed, found [start]

Can I change logging verbosity, to see what the service is actually executing parameter wise? Any good ideas? Been running 2.4.1 before with exact same setup without problems.

Now, If I log into the machine, remove and install the service again with elasticsearch-service.bat, the service starts!! Only difference is the user executing the commands. We use Octopus Deploy to install Elasticsearch and the agent executing the commands, is running under the "Local System" system account. When I log into the machine, I execute the command as administrator. Anybody know why this would be a problem?

We are running Windows 2012r2, JAVA and ES 5.1.1

I'm getting the same error. Did you fix the issue?

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