Elastic Search Setup Requirements?

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to search around here for whats needed in order to run Elastic search properly. I wanted to use windows server 2012 r2 64 bit with 2 disks with 100 GB. For those of you who have this setup already can you please guide me and tell me what you think.


Run it to do what?

its our first venture using elastic search, we are looking to collect syslog files from 50 to 60 wireless controllers. I am thinking of setting up 2 thin provisioned disks at 100GB each. Do you think that should be fine ? Thank you for your response I appreciate your help.

Depends on how large the data is from these controllers and how long you want to keep it for./

I am not sure how large the data would be but we would like to retain about a month's worth of the data. Any guideline would be helpful. I understand that every environment scenario.

Well if you don't know how much data there is it's impossible to say if this will work.
You might just need to start up a cluster, push data to it, and then figure it out.

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