Elastic search sql parameters


I'm trying to connect a BI tool into Elasticsearch 6.3. In order to do so, I need the serviceClass and jdbcDriverClass, but don't see it documented anywhere. Can someone provide it?

Hi @bossi6of9,
The driver class is org.elasticsearch.xpack.sql.jdbc.jdbc.JdbcDriver (documented here). Which BI tool are you trying to connect to ES?

Thanks. I'm trying to use DB Visualizer, but I'm getting a "could not load any driver from files" message.

Hi @bossi6of9,

I am not familiar with DBVisualizer but I tried it for few minutes.
Steps I followed:

  • download the jdbc driver from here
  • unzipped the downloaded file
  • put jdbc-6.3.2.jar file inside DBVisualizer installation under jdbc/es folder but I believe it can be placed anywhere else
  • I put the rest of the files from the zip (elasticsearch-6.3.2.jar, elasticsearch-core-6.3.2.jar etc) under DBVisualizer installation folder under lib
  • restarted DBVisualizer
  • Tools -> Driver Manager...
  • + sign to add a new driver
  • in the next window you can choose the folder (and file) of the jdbc driver and this is where you browse to jdbc-6.3.2.jar location
  • you define then the jdbc URL format according to our documentation

Also, please note that you need a Platinum license in your Elasticsearch cluster to be able to use the JDBC driver. More details here, under Management & Tooling section.

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